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Why You Shouldn’t Apply for NISS on Your Own

Let’s be real: Sometimes, going the DIY route is just asking for an adventure you didn’t plan for. Even though you can technically fill the online form on the Segurança website by yourself, the journey doesn’t end there.

You’d often need to schedule and attend an in-person appointment at the social security office, and that comes with its own set of challenges.

And let’s not forget the tiny errors that can cause multiple submission problems and result in frustrating delays.

Just listen to one of our clients’ experience

Before seeking your help, I faced multiple challenges:


First off, no one told me my submission was even received.


On resubmission, I didn’t receive any confirmation, leading me to schedule an in-person visit.


At the office, they turned me away, instructing me to wait for the online process.


Later, I faced discrepancies with the name on my ID, leading to multiple rejections. All my efforts to clarify the situation were met with automated emails and no clear guidance on the way forward.

Can you help guide me through this?

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2. NIF Document


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Uphold Legal Rights

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who intends to work, reside, or access social security benefits in Portugal is eligible to apply for a NISS. This includes both Portuguese citizens and foreign residents, whether they are employed, self-employed, students, or retirees.

Even those without a current job but intending to work in Portugal should apply for a NISS to be integrated into the social security system.

The turnaround time for obtaining a NISS typically ranges from a few days to several weeks. However, it’s essential to understand that the issuance largely depends on the responsiveness of the Social Security office.

While many clients receive their NISS within a couple of weeks, there have been instances where the wait extended beyond a month. For this reason, it’s advisable to be prepared for scenarios that might take up to or more than 4 weeks.

Please note, this period starts from the day the Power of Attorney is signed.

While you need to provide an address in Portugal for the application, it doesn’t necessarily have to be your permanent address. You can use the address of a friend, a hotel, hostel, or any other temporary residence. Importantly, there’s no requirement to provide proof of this address.

You’ll need to provide the following documents for the application:

  • A scanned copy of your international passport or EU citizen ID card.
  • Your NIF document.

No, once you’re assigned a NISS, it remains the same for life. It doesn’t require periodic renewal.

We monitor the application process closely and maintain communication with the Social Security office. If there’s a delay or any issue, we’ll inform you promptly and provide guidance on the necessary steps.

After you’ve submitted your application through our service, our team will promptly review it.

If everything appears in order, we’ll forward your application to our partner attorney.

They will then submit it to Segurança Social on the following business day.

Please note that once the application is officially submitted, we do not have the capability to monitor its progress. However, our attorney will only be notified once the document is ready for collection.

Legitimacy Concerns?

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Why do you need a NISS (Número de Identificação da Segurança Social) in Portugal?


If you are working in Portugal, your employer requires your NISS to make the appropriate contributions to the social security system on your behalf. This ensures that you are covered for benefits like unemployment, sick leave, and retirement.


If you’re self-employed or run a business in Portugal, you’ll need a NISS to make your own social security contributions.


Healthcare: Access to public healthcare in Portugal often requires you to have a NISS. While the health system may also use other identifiers, having a NISS ensures you can access services you’re entitled to, based on your social security contributions.


Benefits: If you’re eligible for any social benefits, like family allowances, unemployment benefits, or retirement pensions, the government uses your NISS to manage and process these benefits.


Tax Purposes: Although the NISS is different from the fiscal number (Número de Identificação Fiscal, NIF), having a NISS can sometimes be relevant in tax situations, especially when claiming certain tax benefits related to social security.


Residency: For expatriates or immigrants living in Portugal, obtaining a NISS can be a part of the residency application process or proof of integration into the Portuguese social system.

In essence, the NISS is a key identifier that integrates individuals into the Portuguese social security system, ensuring they receive the benefits and services they’re entitled to and fulfill their social security obligations.

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