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Frequently Asked Questions

The NIF (Número de Identificação Fiscal) is your taxpayer identification number in Portugal. The NIF is required for a variety of everyday activities such as opening a bank account, getting a phone subscription, and signing up for health insurance. The NIF is sometimes referred to as the Número de Contribuinte.

Current Turnaround Times for our NIF service is 2-4 business days (last updated September 28, 2023).

This estimated turnaround time is based on the recent experiences of our customers.

Your individual turnaround time might differ due to factors beyond our control, such as tax office delays, holidays, or other unforeseen events.

Rest assured, our commitment is to push things forward as much as we can, and provide you with updates throughout the process! 😊

Please note that the countdown begins once we’ve received all the necessary documents that meet the requirements and have also collected the signature from your Power of Attorney.

EU/EEA Residents:

  • No Need for Fiscal Representation: Simply order a NIF with us, no extra steps needed!
  • Getting Your Passwords: After we get your NIF, we’ll ask Finanças to mail your temporary passwords straight to your EU/EEA address.
  • Delivery Time: You should get your passwords in the mail within 2-3 weeks.

Non-EU/EEA Residents:

  • 12-Month Fiscal Representation: Your NIF order comes with 12 months of fiscal representation.
  • Receiving Your Passwords: Your temporary passwords for the Finanças portal will be sent to you via our secure portal in about 7 business days.
  • Ending Representation: Fiscal representation stops automatically after 12 months. Just make sure to set up your notification channels on the Portal das Finanças during this time.

Additional Info: Circular Letter no. 90057 from 20 July 2022 says that if you’re from a non-EU/EEA country, you don’t need a tax representative if you sign up for specific digital notifications. More details are in section 3.1 of the letter, named ‘Dispensa de nomeação de representante fiscal’.

Want more details? Check our article about not needing a fiscal representative as a non-EU/EEA resident after you set up notification channels!

When you obtain a NIF from us, it will initially be issued with a “non-resident” tax status.

As a non-resident you won’t be automatically required to file taxes in Portugal.

You’re only obligated to pay Portuguese taxes if you own a property or a car in Portugal and under a few other specific circumstances outlined in this article:

Simply fill out the order form with your child’s details. If your child is under 18 years old, there are a few additional documents that you will need to submit. Both parents will also need to sign the Power of Attorney.

We are proud to offer our NIF service to all nationalities.

Your place of residence plays a role in how we handle access to the Finanças portal.

1) For those residing outside of the EU/EEA area, we provide access codes to the Finanças portal as part of our service.

Example countries: U.S.A, Canada, Brazil..

2) If you’re a resident within the EU/EEA area, the password for the Finanças portal will be mailed directly from the Autoridade Tributária to your residential address, in line with standard procedures.

Example countries: Germany, France, Norway, United Kingdom..

We’ll send your NIF directly to your email in a PDF format. For a clearer idea of what to expect, you can check out this example of a NIF pdf we provided to our client.

Please note that the name and the address have been edited for privacy purposes.

Absolutely, safeguarding your personal data is our top priority.

We employ the Service Provider Pro (SPP) portal to ensure secure and centralized file sharing. Here’s how we ensure the utmost security for your data:

  • Secure Logins: Both our administrators and clients access the portal via secure login credentials.
  • Regular Security Audits: SPP portals undergo regular checks by an ISO 27001 certified auditing firm to ensure that our security measures are top-notch.
  • Data Encryption: All databases and sensitive pieces of information undergo encryption to prevent unauthorized access.

For a detailed overview, you can visit:

Once we provide you with the final NIF document, we delete all the files that we have on record from our database.

Your data security and privacy remain our top priorities. 🛡️🔒

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Unlike some service providers, we don’t add on yearly charges for a tax representative for your NIF. Instead, our partner lawyers serve as your legal representatives.

Our pricing structure is clear and upfront, requiring just a one-time fee.

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