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NB Conta 360 plan and fees

The Conta 360° is a comprehensive banking package that comes with several perks for a monthly maintenance fee without bonus: €8.50/month + Stamp Tax of 4% (corresponding to €8.84/month and €106.08/year). The highlights of this account are as follows:

Eligibility: Individuals aged 18 years and above, both residents and non-residents, can open this account with a minimum deposit of €250.

  1. Account Benefits:
    • Free debit card, prepaid card, and Gold credit card
    • No commission on purchases abroad and at fuel stations
    • Free wage advancement service
    • Free day-to-day transactions like SEPA+ credit transfers, payments, etc.
    • A free app to manage finances, set saving goals, organize expenses, etc.
    • Spread reduction of 0.8% on your housing credit
    • Discounts between 5% and 10% on 2nd and 3rd insurance policies
    • Your money in the account will earn interest and will always be available
  2. Account Features:
    • Included financial services like account maintenance, direct debit, online banking, national interbank transfers, virtual card creation, subscription of funds, etc. are free. Some services like stock market orders and certain credit operations may have an associated cost.
    • Some international services like SEPA+ credit transfers are free, but services like foreign currency requisition, receiving transfers from abroad, international ATM withdrawals, international card payments, interbank exchange rate might have associated costs.
    • The account also includes special financial services like deposit guarantee up to 100,000 Euros, and non-financial services like medical assistance, medical advice, and tech support, among others.
  3. Fees: The account comes with a bonification (discount) of €5.50/month + stamp tax, if you meet certain conditions like having savings and investment solutions of average monthly balance above €35,000, direct deposit of wages from €1,500 or pension from €500, or make €1,200 of purchases per month with the debit or credit cards of the Conta 360°. Without bonification, the monthly fee is €8.84/month.

https://www.novobanco.pt/particulares/contas/contas-pacote/conta-360 (PT)

https://www.novobanco.pt/content/dam/novobancopublicsites/docs/pdfs/contas-produto/360%20EN.pdf.coredownload.inline.pdf (ENG)