How to Access Your Segurança Social Personal Account

Accessing your Segurança Social personal account for the first time is straightforward. If you don’t already have a password, here’s how you can set everything up:

Getting Started

  • First-Time Users:
  1. Visit the Segurança Social Direta portal (click here).
  2. Click on “Efetuar Registo” (Register) and read the terms and conditions of the service. Once done, click on “Em li e aceito os termos e condições do serviço” (I have read and accept the terms and conditions).
  3. Select the account type – Cidadão (Citizen).
  4. Enter your NISS (Social Security Identification Number) and date of birth.
  5. Choose how you wish to receive the verification code – either by Email or SMS (SMS is recommended).
  6. Click on “Pedir código de verificação” (Request verification code).
  • Account Activation:

After receiving your code, you need to activate your account. To do this:

  1. Go to “Ativar a minha conta” (Activate my account).
  2. Enter your NISS.
  3. Enter the code received via SMS (if you chose SMS).
  4. Click on “Confirmar código de verificação” (Confirm verification code).
  5. Note: If you see a message that the verification code has expired, ensure you are entering the latest (active) code received. If you continue to experience issues, proceed to reset your password under “Perdi a minha palavra-passe” (I forgot my password).
  6. Set your password in the “Palavra-passe” field (see password formation rules available on the same page).
  7. Confirm your password and click on “Confirmar palavra-passe” (Confirm password).

Congratulations! You can now use your Segurança Social personal account using your NISS and the password you’ve created.

For a more detailed guide on using your Segurança Social Direta personal account, click here.


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