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Chave Digital for foreigners: How to Get It in Portugal

Chave Digital, also known as Chave Móvel Digital, is an initiative in Portugal aimed at facilitating a digital signature system.

It’s a useful tool for both residents and non-citizens in Portugal for various online transactions.

Here’s a detailed guide on what it is and how you can get it.

What is Chave Digital?

Chave Digital, or Digital Mobile Key, is a secure system used for authentication and digital signatures in Portugal. It enables users to access various government portals, sign contracts online, and perform other digital operations that require verified identity authentication.

Why Might You Need Chave Digital?

  1. Access to SNS24 Portal: To change your address or manage other personal details on the SNS24 portal, which is crucial for healthcare services in Portugal.
  2. Authorization on Government Portals: For logging into and interacting with various government websites and services such as Finanças Portal.
  3. Digital Signature: It allows you to sign contracts (such as lease agreements, educational documents, etc.) digitally, providing a convenient and paperless method of formalizing documents.

How to Obtain Chave Digital?

  1. Visit a Loja de Cidadão: You need to go to any Loja de Cidadão, which are located throughout Portugal. These centers provide numerous administrative services.
  2. Documents to Bring: Carry your residency permit and your passport. These documents are necessary for identity verification.
  3. Request for Chave Móvel Digital: Inform the staff that you want to register for a Chave Móvel Digital. They will guide you through the process.
  4. Provide Your Portuguese Mobile Number: You will be asked for your Portuguese mobile number, which will be linked to your Chave Digital.
  5. Verification Process: A verification code will be sent to your mobile phone. You’ll need to show this code to the staff and set up a 4-digit PIN, which will be your Chave Digital.
  6. Completion: Once the setup is complete, you’ll have access to your Chave Digital, enabling you to use it for various online services and digital signatures.

Additional Information:

  • This is the official website designed for obtaining a digital mobile key. However, as a non-citizen, the online registration might not be available, necessitating the in-person visit to Loja de Cidadão.
  • Security: Keep your Chave Digital and PIN secure and confidential to protect your digital identity.
  • Applications: With Chave Digital, you can handle various administrative and legal tasks online, making your stay or activities in Portugal more convenient.

Chave Digital simplifies many processes that would otherwise require physical presence or paper-based transactions.

Remember, for any legal or tax-related guidance, consulting a professional is recommended.


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